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It's been a while boys! and the requests have been coming in strong for more articles. Since I'll be away for most of June travelling through Spain and Italy, I thought it best to leave you all with some tried and tested winning topping tips - just to keep the fires burning while I create a storm throughout Europe. So let's just get straight into it.

There's a running joke in most cities that bottoms are a dime a dozen and that a good top is hard to find. And the spin on that phrase that a "hard top is good to find". Even if tops seem like a rare breed where you’re from, just because they’re in demand isn’t an excuse for them not getting the job done well. Who hasn’t been with a top at some point in their “sexual careers” who really needed more than a few pointers to up their sexual game? and give that willing bottom better attention.

So if you’re a top, read up. And if you’re a bottom, this is just as much for you. It doesn't hurt for a bottom to take a bit of charge and vocalise or subtly move things to the right direction. A great sex life is within everyone’s grasp, and here’s to making the most of it.

#1 - Be proud of your tool.

First of all and most importantly you don’t need to be XXL and as thick as a Coke can to be an excellent top. And all bottoms are not size-queens. So forget about your complexes and be proud of your tool whatever its size or shape! Once you're past this roadblock, It's amazing how much confidence you will gain, and you'll be better able to please your partner.

#2 - Don't skip foreplay.

Some certain tops can forget and also tend to think foreplay is a one-way street.

Tops can rim and suck dick too! Foreplay is also a great way to turn on your partner before descending gradually to his favorite area.

Yes, you'll need to "prep the area". Crucial if you're well hung. Play around with those fingers and don't forget to trim your nails boys! or use a sex toy, and all the agility of your tongue too.

#3 - Knock before entering.

Generally in this situation, no one likes to be taken by surprise.

Go easy when you penetrate your partner for the first time. Be generous with the lube, insert your penis gently and don’t be afraid to ask the guy if everything is OK (and ask often) or if there’s a position he’d prefer.

You’ll get every chance to prove how much you can fuck like a porn star when you’re both running on the same page.

#4 - Be a Chameleon.

A great top is a chameleon. Sometimes he’s hard up for it, sometimes he’s a romantic; sometimes he’s a dom top daddy, sometimes he’s in a docile mood. A great top must stay in tune with his partner and always pay attention to what’s getting his partner off. If you always stay in your comfort zone you've already lost the race for yourself. Alternate your pace — sometimes slow, sometimes fast — and add some fiery kisses to that thrust, dammit!

Always observe your bottom and see what’s working. Don’t forget to change positions along the way (especially if you’re the type of top able to pound your partner for hours). And don’t limit yourself to classic missionary and doggy-style.

#5 - Handle the setbacks.

Going soft can be a top’s worst nightmare. Instead of panicking, handle the situation. If your engine takes time to start, don’t quit the race.

Go back to foreplay and use everything at your disposal to stimulate your partner’s erogenous areas. If you’re up for it, maybe you can switch roles. Being on the bottom from time to time gives you some insight into what your partner feels, and you can use the opportunity as a learning experience.

On the opposite side of the ‘setback spectrum,’ sometimes you’ll be so horny that you’re ready to shoot right out the gate. If it’s not too late, find an alternative to penetration, which will give you time to cool things off a bit. If your fireworks were already launched, offer your bottom a second round, knowing that this time you’ll likely be able to last longer.

#6 - Always finish the race.

If you happen to be the first to cum. Don’t even think about bowing out! Your lover deserves a climax, too, so before you bow out and stow your junk away, be sure to help your partner hit his sweet spot, too. He’ll be grateful for that, and you’ll have a better chance of repeat fun.

Well guys, all I can strongly suggest now is practice, practice, practice!!!!

I look forward to writing to you all after I return from my trip.


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