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Hello and welcome to Sunday's topic again.

It's been a very busy two weeks, and I'm still working on my blog on Greek love. It has just ended up being a lot more research than I anticipated.

So readers...... i'm going to tackle a topic, and also quell the myth of whether a man can squirt like a woman.

I came across this subject a few years ago, and because of my very curious nature I looked into it, read about people who said how to do it, then also read other people's submissions on how fantastic it was. Also the comments from people who said it was impossible... It went on and on.

I even tried to do it myself and failed many times and just ended up cumming; it did still feel good trying though LOL.

Being completely honest, It took a lot of goes but I finally managed to do it. But I will let you know now that this is not easy..... at least not for me. So if you try what I suggest and it doesn't work, be persistent if you are one of those people who like to try new experiences... And also good luck to you all.

BTW there will be a video link at the end of this blog that demonstrates the technique used to achieve this.

First of all either attempt this in the shower, or grab a towel as it can get quite messy.

Get yourself hard....if not already, I would suggest avoiding watching porn while you try this as you will really need to focus on the sensations that you're feeling and you should avoid other distractions.

Grab your shaft close up to the top of your head.

Now with your other hand well lubed, keep your hand open (no fist) and with your palm, rub just the top side of your cock especially close to your pee-hole and over it as well.

Try up and down motions as well as circular motions and experiment with the amount of pressure you are applying.

IMPORTANT!!! you need to avoid stimulation on the underside of your cock. Just work on the top of the head (this is sort of similar to the ROSY PALM TECHNIQUE).

If you are doing this right you will find that the head of your cock will be quite sensitive and you should feel the urge to pee.

This means you are doing it right, so keep going and push past the sensitive feeling, and it should happen.

I've pasted one link below of a guy who demonstrates what I've written very well. He has a few videos and this is just of him squirting, not ejaculating. He does have one which shows how he cums afterwards but I thought the quality of this video is better.

So if you're wondering "Is this urine?" In a nutshell yes but it generally has no odour or taste.

There are also just a few videos out there showing this and some guys do it after orgasm, but personally I find the head of my cock to sensitive to do this afterwards.

I'll leave you now to try. Good luck fellas!

and see you next week.


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