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Regardless of your sexual identity, if you have anal sex, or considering trying it for the first time. Being confident that you are "ready down there" is important.... mind you some people don't mind getting a little dirty, but most prefer a fresh workspace regardless if you are the top or the bottom - or flip flopping. Not just for the bottom, but also for the top it is comforting to know you can really go to town without getting messy or embarrassing the receiver if you pull out and you're poopy.

Most of you would know that the most obvious way to clean out is douching.

Using a douche will pretty much flush out anything you wouldn't want to see stuck to your partner's penis.

The downside of douching though is that you also rinse away the protective mucous lining in your hole which can increase the likelihood of irritation, tearing, an infections.

Apart from the prospect of damaging your delicate insides, douching takes time.

To be clear here....I'm not discouraging the use of douching. But I have been researching and have discovered that there are other options that can be more efficient and reliable for you to be able and ready to bottom anytime.

Being ready to bottom is a major turn on for both parties.

Lets face it ...... when you're in the mood and ready to fuck, nothing is a bigger cockblock than when you're partner say's to you "Ok, just let me go clean out."

Well thankfully there is now a product out on the market that if used and followed correctly will pretty much eliminate this issue.

It's called "PURE FOR MEN".

The developers of Pure for Men invented a unique recipe which combines premium fibers Chia, Flaxseed and Psyllium husk. It's taken in pill form and the fibers swell inside your digestive track into soft solid mass, which passes through your body collecting all the junk inside your gut all the way to your colon.

The ending result is a squeaky clean hole and worry-free arse play. But really in the grand scheme of things, this is more than just about sex. Having a clean gut helps you detox built up waste, which over time can lead to serious issues in your colon. While I was reading real life testimonials about this product, what was mostly mentioned non sex-related was how they had all noticed that it had also eliminated that uncomfortable bloating feeling we all suffer from now and then.

Fiber is important for all of us to get our body functioning to its optimal levels. According to studies, men under 50 need approximately 38 grams of fiber a day, and the average person only consumes about 14 grams a day, so it is safe to assume that most of us aren't getting enough of our daily dose.

Some of you may already be thinking that there are plenty of fiber supplements already out on the market. This is true but Pure for Men is a dietary supplement that has been tailored and specially formulated for men who have sex with men. It boosts your fiber intake and helps regulate your digestion so you really can experience the joy of worry-free bottoming.

Most users commented that it took about two days to kick in and were amazed by the results as it did exactly as it claimed.

I have to confess that I have put an order in myself and will do a brief follow up once I have road tested.

Now as I promised in my last blog I will get to the Nude beaches of Australia to check out. It's just that I thought that this was a relevant topic to put out there since it really relates to our daily life and the pursuit of also having a great confident sex life too.

Cheers Boys and Men - Next time you hear from me we'll be on the beach.


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