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Hello Everyone 😀

It's movie time again, but first I would like to thank all the people that write in and also visit to tell me how much they enjoy the Mens Room.

My first review on some movies has been extremely popular, so as promised here is Part II.


I saw this movie quite a few years ago. It is definitely filmed on a very low budget, but nonetheless it has a reasonable storyline....maybe a bit far-fetched and I predict that none of these boys will ever be gracing the "Silver Screen".

Highlight: Right from the very beginning of the movie, we see Taylor Reed playing gay web cam. We see Taylor Reed jerking his big cut dick on the computer screen. 15 minutes in the movie, Taylor Reed is making love. In very close-up, we see Taylor Reed big cut dick in great details. Then we see Taylor Reed's butt for the first time. Taylor has a hairy crack. After that, we see Taylor Reed taking a shower and showing us again full front and back nudity. Later in the movie, Joe Swanberg is getting a nude massage. At that time, we see Joe Swanberg's butt. Then he gets jerked off, and we see Joe Swanberg's erect cut penis. Later we see Joe Swanberg putting a condom on his erect dick.


One of the most explicit short movies you are likely to see in a while.

If you like a bit or even a lot of erotic man-on-man action in your cinematic viewing, then this is one for you. Screened as part of the Investigating Desire programme at the London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival; the clue as to what is on offer here is both in the title and for that matter in the package, namely acts of desire. For this is the story of two mens' sexual encounter on a half-built skyscraper on the outskirts of Mexico City. In short, a rutting place for a pair of Mexican studs to strut their stuff in the form of a mating game, one that is but a prelude to acts of sexual intimacy. To that end, Sergio Almazán and Cristhian Rodríguez give their all - literally, in this sexually overt piece; albeit one that is beautifully shot and edited, as delivered in Hernández' trademark emotional silence style, laced as it is with lush long takes and creative cinematography that frankly makes the sexual intimacy on offer, an all the more classy affair. Only you cannot help but feel you're missing something here, that of a meaning to this sensual outing of seduction and sex, if not death and desire.


Like Blackmail Boys, the acting is probably a bit lower, sort of similar to porn stars who try to act but really they should just stick to the fucking.

Regardless this movie is about Andrew, a new camp counselor who meets camp leader Jack at orientation at Camp Liberty, one of the few camps designed for gay campers only. He soon discovers that there is more than fishing, sports and campfires to participate in. Plenty of graphic sex and cumshots.

The storyline sort of gets you interested, sadly the acting is to put it plainly "AWFUL", also all the boys that engage in plenty of sexual activity just didn't seem like they were really into it. But you have to see a few bad movies to appreciate the good ones.

Somewhat of a mainstream movie that has some hardcore porn (in the 90 minute version, various levels of sex in the shorter versions). The plot? Follows the lives of band members of what looks like a 1970s band. The sex? Lots of it and lots of unsimulated, graphic sex. First scene has the singer giving it to a girl in the bathroom. Erection seen as is penetration. Second sex scene: Same singer played by Jimstar? has his penis pulled out in plain view with a female taking it in her mouth. He then has intercourse with her. The film's director who also plays in the movie as a guitarist has the next scene in which he is masturbating to a magazine. Closeups of his penis and ejaculation. The 90 minute version contains 17 minutes of graphic, unsimilated sexual activity that is as explicit as anything seen in a hardcore pornographic film, performed by most of the same actors who appear in the non-sex scenes. Vaginal and anal penetration, oral sex (male and female), five close-up scenes of solo and mutual masturbation with ejaculation, S&M-type activities and various fetishes including some brief scat play are all depicted graphically, often in close up, and sometimes in slow- or fast-motion, with amplified biological sounds. Extensively edited down versions of some of these scenes appear in the 73 minute version, others were omitted completely.


This movie was only recently released but Everyone will talk about the 18-minute gay orgy in a sex club at the start, but the real achievement lies in how Olivier Ducastel and Jacques Martineau capture love at first sight.

The film, conceived in real time, and despite the approximately 20 minute orgy is above all a story about what happens when that bolt of lightning called love suddenly strikes.

Things kick off at 4:27 a.m. (time is announced graphically, imitating a cell-phone display) in a sex club bathed in red light. In a sea of naked men, Theo (Geoffrey Couet) stands apart, riveted by Hugo (Francois Nambot), who is penetrating an anonymous partner. Theo joins the orgy to be near Hugo; their eyes lock, and the two ditch their buddies to engage in passionate (and graphic) sex.

When spent, they exit together, Theo staring with semi-dazed incredulity at the object of his “coup de foudre.” The streets of Paris are empty and the pair don’t want to part, so they rent bikes and sail along the nighttime boulevards, with Hugo disarmingly chattering about love. Then he realizes that Theo, the active partner, didn’t use a condom when in the throes of desire, and wasn’t aware that Hugo is HIV-positive.

Of course more follows in this story but I won't spoil it for you but it is definitely worth viewing - and not just for the first 20 minutes

Well Boys.....Happy viewing.

In the next week or so I am planning to do a review on the most popular Nude beaches to visit around Australia, I thought this would be nice for the international readers who are planning a trip sometime "down under". Of course us Australians might by chance discover a few more paradises right around our corner or worth making the trip to check out.

Bye for now and thanks again for reading.


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