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Happy Australia Day Everyone!!!

Yes I am working and I've seen some lovely fellas today, but while it is quiet for a moment I hope to get this blog all done in one hit.

So enough gibbering and straight to it.

Living in Brisbane there are not many options (actually NONE!) where you can just strip down and let it all hang out in the open air. And if in the mood, go for a bit of a cruise and have mild to wild get down and dirty fun.

Well, I'm here to tell you there is a place!!! It's not in Brisbane, but it's a little bit over an hour's drive heading towards Noosa,

The name of this paradise place is "THE HIDEAWAY RESORT - NOOSA"

I had the absolute pleasure of staying there for 4 nights and it definitely was an absolute pleasure.

The Hideaway Resort is exclusively for Gay and Bisexual Men. Clothing is optional so if you are feeling a tad shy, there is no pressure to strip right down. Some do and some don't and rest assured that you will not be judged or frowned upon if you don't want to reveal least straight away.

The Resort offers two types of accommodation - There are 5 rooms which have their own private bathroom, kitchenette, and air con. These rooms also have an outside terrace area with direct views to the pool.

The other rooms are more basic and you have a few share shower/toilet facilities and a kitchen to use also.

There is plenty of comfy areas to sit in the shade outside to the side of the pool, you can also watch television if you choose.

Obviously there is no smoking in the rooms, but you can smoke anywhere in the outside areas or around the pool if you choose and there are plenty of ashtrays provided.

The Hideaway also has a beautiful spa to lay back in which overlooks the pool to one side and the seated garden areas as well.

Don't be surprised if you see a bit of action in these areas.... I certainly did and I found it very entertaining to be a spectator.

The Hideaway also has a Video Room with plenty of couches and lube, so if you're feeling a bit toey... pop your head in and see what's going on. At the back of the Video Room there are two Glory holes but these are sort of separate to the video room and a bit more private. If you start to muck around with how many people you choose in the video room, it's like any other type of sex club or sauna where whoever is in there gets to watch as well, which is kinda pretty hot!

What is great about this place is that they also do day passes from 11:00 AM till 5:00 PM for $20.00. So spend a day there first if you just want to get a feel for the surroundings, but I certainly loved the place and did not leave the resort for the full 4 days that I was there. I got to relax, read, lay by a pool, sit in a spa, and have some fabulous sexy times. And I'd like to add finally, You can really choose how social you want to be. What I mean by this is that other guests staying are very friendly but not intrusive. There were plenty of times where we could all gather together if we wanted and just sit back and have a few drinks and just enjoy each others company.

I know I'll definitely be going back again.

Check it out won't be disappointed.

In my next blog I'll be doing a PART II for CUM TO THE MOVIES.

See you soon


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