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Hello everyone!!

In the Mens Room this week I thought I would discuss some general info and talk/review some pleasure aids that I have tried and tested in regards to the prostate.

It's a subject that I'm sure a lot of you might know all about. But there are also many clients who have seen me over the years who have been honest enough to tell me that they know nothing about it and they have requested for me to give them a helping hand so to speak.

So for all you curious men, and also the knowledgable ones - Read on, and I will do my best to share what I have learnt over the years.

First of all, Prostate massaging can be done solely by itself, during masturbation, or with a partner.

It can be done internally or externally. With or without toys. The most effective way of stimulation is from anal penetration. Important to note especially for first timers, that you make sure you massage your anal sphincters first, so you are naturally relaxed and also feeling aroused.


There are many different versions of the Prostate massager picture just to the left. Some of these can be quite expensive and frankly not very effective. This happens to be my personal favourite : THE DOC JOHNSON PROSTATE STIMULATOR :

It is definitely the most effective for beginners in helping you discover the pleasure zone as the curves are more pronounced (like beads) and the tip is also at a better angle for locating and targeting the "P" spot. It also has an external perineum massager which is also very pleasurable.

So when shopping for one of these, look out for this brand. It normally is between $20-$30 dollars AUD and is definitely worth it and far more superior to other brands that easily charge around the $80 AUD mark. Ideally you are looking out for the shape you see to the left. If it looks a lot straighter and not as curvy, you are wasting your time (and money).

External Prostate Masturbation

External prostate milking can be done via the perineum. You need deep pressure to reach the prostate through the sling of muscles that comprise the pelvic floor. Push deeply along the perineum and see if you can feel sensation in and around your prostate. Do this while stroking your penis for maximum pleasure.

Positions for Prostate Masturbation

Manually stimulating your prostate can be a pleasurable and healthy part of your masturbation. Most men who are interested in exploring this pleasure find themselves limited only by flexibility – it can be extremely challenging to contort your body into a position for prostate masturbation and yet relax enough to enjoy it.

Try reaching both forward between your legs and from around back, or one hand going each way. Try lying on your side, on your front and back, standing or squatting. Use pillows to elevate your hips.

Stand with one foot on a chair or stool and then reach with one hand behind you. This opens up the pelvis and may allow for deeper self penetration.

Feeling fit? Drop into a deep squat and try penetrating yourself from this position. This position may help you penetrate with more ease, but most guys can’t hold a squat long enough to explore getting aroused in this position.

Be creative enough to see if there is a position comfortable enough to reach both your penis and your anus – the rewards are well worth the effort. If you simply can not reach, and many men can not, try using toys to extend your reach. Or, get your lover on board and save anal play for partnered explorations.

Tips for More Pleasurable Prostate Masturbation

Wear a glove for easier clean-up and to free yourself the distraction of being grossed out.

Make sure you are highly aroused while stimulating the prostate. Prostate stimulation feels best for most guys when done in combination with genital stimulation. The more aroused you are, the more swollen and pronounced the prostate will be, making it easier to locate and stimulate with your finger.

Once your finger is inserted, feel towards the front of the body and try to locate the walnut shaped prostate gland. Many men can not reach deep enough to feel their own prostate.

It may take several sessions of prostate stimulation for the sensations to turn into intense pleasure. Many men experience tenderness or numbness at first. Allow yourself to explore the sensations without too many high expectations at first. Many men report that prostate sensation is a learned pleasure!


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