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Well everyone, Hi again from Kal.

As promised last week, I’m going to teach you how you can attempt to cum more than once while jerking.

Yes it is possible with the technique I will go through, mind you it may take more than one attempt to get it right. But it is definitely worth it.

I actually just had a go with it before I wrote this to make sure I could describe it as best as possible. I have to say I’d forgotten the different sensations and pleasure you experience from this method….WOW! (is an understatement).

Some of you reading this may already be able to achieve this either naturally as you please, or it has happened to you before by accident. Which I have to say in my opinion is a great surprise when it does. You are welcome to write in and share your experience on this matter or if you know of any other ways/variations. I will be more than happy to do a follow up page on this topic if necessary.

So lets get to it!!

First of all, when you first attempt this. Giving yourself some ample time and not rushing is pretty essential, obviously MORE TIME = MORE PLEASURE.

Personally I recommend masturbating normally as you please. just to monitor the sensation and natural build up you will feel within your body, and especially your cock before you finally release. Some of you may want to jump straight into trying - So WHAT YOU NEED TO DO.

While pleasuring yourself, and you feel that urge and closeness to climax, you really need to monitor and take notice (especially at the point where you feel you are about to orgasm). Your semen actually starts to move up your shaft first before the orgasm provides the ejaculation its full force.

What you need to do is learn to recognise and identify that precise moment and cease masturbating at that point, which is a bit further along the line than normal edging or the Stop-Go method would take you. When you get this right the accumulation of that semen will be released under its own pressure, there may be a small spurt or two but it will usually ooze its way out slowly, dribbling down the head and shaft.

You then need to allow yourself a moment to recover and let the borderline orgasm fade. Despite having ejaculated, you haven’t yet reached a full orgasm and will still have your erection. You should then be able to continue the session, once again to that same point between ejaculation & orgasm.

With a bit of practice and a lot of self-control you can build up the number of mini ejaculations. The most I have ever managed to get up to is 5 times. Then I've had to yield to the final climax, which seriously feels as if all the missed orgasms have built up into one cumulative one, which can really blow your mind. If you are naturally quite vocal, I would advise doing it well out of earshot of anyone else as even if you consider that you have full self control over your orgasmic cries under normal circumstances, this method can take you beyond what you might consider normal.

You’ll find that the excess jizz also makes a great natural lubricant for the following rounds before the big one.

Also, each successive ejaculation will become more watery, and by the time you reach the ultimate climax, may not have much semen left, although the sensations remain the same.

Please note that This method really has to be tried to the successful completion of at least 2 - 3 ejaculations to fully comprehend its benefits.

I must admit this does require a lot of self-control, but all the guys I have shared this with in the past have all commented on how powerful & rewarding the eventual orgasm is.

Here are two links of a guy (NOT ME!!!) demonstrating exactly what I’ve described to you. It never hurts to have a bit of visual aid.

Both Videos are not too long and worth watching till the end to see the full result.

Enjoy and good luck

Next week I’ll be reviewing some toys/aids for maximum prostate pleaure and arousal.

Thanks to you all.


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