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Different Strokes for Blokes

Male Massage Brisbane

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Naked, Erotic,


Male Massage


Total satisfaction from beginning to end.

Male massage Brisbane is the leading specialist for Naked, sensual, erotic gay massage in QLD.

Featuring exclusively designed Body Slides

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Kal Mavros torso

Most popular.


1 hour $120

A massage specially designed to treat all the common tense areas. Great sensual stimulation is combined throughout while experiencing body to body contact the whole way through from back to front.

Other popular choices

45 min - $95

A great paced massage with body slides done while you are lying face down as well as front to front.

60 min - $110

A great blend of massage and sensual stimulation combined with body to body contact.

Massage body shot

90 min - $170

Combination of the Body Slider and Lingam massage makes a great all round 90 min experience.

About us

Trading from 10AM - 10PM daily. Air conditioning, dedicated bathroom and security visitor parking. Male massage Brisbane offers the largest choice of erotic massages to suit your preference and budget with a fully adjustable electric massage table custom designed for your complete comfort.

An easy Online Booking experience

Fast safe and secure, save time and Book Online. Payments can be done with cash, all cards accepted, phone tap, or pay online. All these options are available to choose at the end when you are booking online. Bookings can also be done directly via SMS/Email/Mobile, however you may have to wait for confirmation as I could be with a client.

Kal's calendar

This calendar shows reserved and free spaces for bookings. Bookings already made will be marked in grey and all the black spaces are free. Desktop users need to scroll to the bottom and click underneath the black outline and then once you scroll back up the viewing options can be changed from daily, weekly and monthly. Mobile users can move back and forth through the days by swiping in the middle of the calendar box.

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